‘Tis the season for trivial benefits

With the season of goodwill upon us our tax team look at a little known and little utilised tax saving, known as trivial benefits.

Trivial benefits is a mechanism whereby employees and/or directors can be given trivial benefits such as vouchers or maybe even office pizzas.

The benefits are limited to £50 per person in single awards with a maximum of six awards through the year. Where used correctly this adds up to £300 of tax efficient benefits.

The benefits cannot be a reward for employment and must be available to all employees, or maybe just directors/shareholders.

For example office pizzas on a Friday must be available to all staff, though it is acceptable if staff who don’t work a Friday we’re omitted for obvious reasons.

Business owners therefore need to be careful to consider all employees if a £50 Christmas voucher is being awarded.

It is also possible to just pay the £50 to each director, forsaking employees, which over six occasions in the year, gives a tax free boost of £300.

The vouchers are tax deductible from the company’s profits and are not subject to pay as you earn or national insurance. Neither are they reportable on a P11d. This makes them very tax advantageous for businesses.

Cathy Rogers, partner at NR Barton, said of the benefit: “This is a little known benefit but when added up across the year can result in a respectable tax saving.

“Many business owners use the trivial benefits among staff and teams to help boost morale and maintain a company spirit.

“Many directors also use the benefit to add a tax free cherry on top of their income for a year.”

With Christmas around the corner this could well be a timely benefit for business owners either looking to give some benefit to their team or even to boost their own benefits.

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Catherine Rogers
Cathy Rogers


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