External Audit

Adding value through efficient and effective audit strategies

Our work is based on risk. From the first step on our audit journey, we will assess the risks of your business which along the audit journey will help direct our work. Throughout our work, we can identify potential risks, help improve business performance and recommend opportunities
for growth.

Efficient and effective audit

Many view external audits as a statutory requirement and a necessary evil that adds no value to your business.

We like to take a different view; all our work is fully compliant with the regulatory boxes and our approach is to make the audit process a positive one for your business.

As part of our audit solution we commit to provide:

  • Plan work based on our discussions with you, our knowledge of the business, its activities and environment, and our experience of the sector
  • Agree the audit plan to meet your requirements, set the timescale and key dates
  • Ensure that your financial statements are compliant with the appropriate standards, commercially presented and achieve a positive market impact
  • Carry out an independent review of your business and advise you on systems and controls
  • Utilise the latest technology in auditing and accounts production software to help reduce the impact on your teams and people
  • Provide you with an all-inclusive management letter summarising our audit findings
  • Meet with you to discuss the audit and highlight the risks and opportunities that our process has identified
  • It is our aim that we are both supportive, challenging and proactive – we want to help you through the process to ensure your accounts

Open Space. Secure document transfer

Open Space: the purpose built cloud based software providing a safe and secure document management and transfer system. As part of our audit process we are able to offer our clients the option to share information and upload audit deliverables to a secure cloud based portal provided. We use the software to deliver a more focused, innovative and ultimately more value added audit than the standard approach.

Open Space allows you to provide information when it is available, smoothing out the year end audit process. This gives you the flexibility to fit the audit around other commitments and minimise the disruption to your team

Timing and approach

We understand the pressure to achieve tight timeframes as well as differing international financial reporting requirements. We will endeavour to support all stakeholders to achieve the desired outcome whilst ensuring full compliance with UK audit standards and Companies House reporting requirements.

Our team of over 40 partners and staff have extensive experience in the audit sector, in particular, they are specialists in working within the owner-managed business sector providing practical audit solutions to business owners.

Our audit work is conducted by experienced staff which allows us to adopt a non-systematic approach to sampling. This means our audit team are free to apply their audit judgement and common sense to our fieldwork. This means you have the comfort that your audit is conducted by an experienced auditor with experience and expertise in the field of audit.

For business owners, we find this gives them the confidence that their audit is conducted by a knowledgeable team who are unconstrained in their work by computerised or automated sample sizes.

This methodology allows us to target the key risks and key areas to help offer assurance to shareholders regarding the non-misstatement of their company accounts.


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New From annual statutory accounts to monthly management accounts and forecasts and everything in-between.
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Integrity is at the forefront of everything we do as we apply the strongest ethical and moral rigour across how we work and assist our clients.

At NR Barton we understand the importance of trust and through our integrity we make sure this underpins absolutely everything we do.

We like to do the best for our clients and this isn’t always easy. We aren’t afraid to use our integrity to confront difficult situations. We firmly believe that acting with our utmost integrity those difficult conversations will help to build our trust with our clients. Sometimes the difficult option is the best.

It is also our integrity that has helped us to build a strong local relationship in our market place and the thrive as a business for the last seventy years.

We’re here for the long term and our integrity will help us to achieve that.