Online and Cloud Accounting

We're a proud Platinum Xero partner

As Platinum Xero partners we’re leading the market in online accounting solutions with a new style of accounting for self-employed and for forward thinking small businesses.

Leading the market with cloud and online accounting

We blend our trusted advice with the market leading cloud and online based accounting software. It is suitable for start-ups, established and growing businesses across all sectors.

Using NRB for your cloud-based accountancy services includes a dedicated client partner and manager. This means our clients benefit from the very best in cloud-based accountancy software and trusted advice from our team of qualified accountants.

Cloud and online accounting is perfect for start-ups as well as established and growing businesses. Xero helps to control cashflow and it enables the business to make timely decisions and have financial information available should they need to raise finance to help future growth. Given that more businesses fail in the first two years than at any other time and it is important for start- up businesses to be in control of their finances from day one.

Through working with integrated applications and artificial intelligence established businesses can become more efficient. Less time is spent on data entry giving more time for owners to focus on improving profitability. We have a team of over 35 partners and managers who are fully qualified experts on hand to offer market-leading advice across cloud and online accounting.

For growing businesses Xero allows up-to-date information to be available to aid with cashflow management and raising finance. Reliable management information is a prerequisite for banks and a robust accounting system can help you in the marketplace.

At NRB we have more than 75 years of experience helping small and growing businesses across the North West As well as being market leaders in the world of cloud and online accounting we are able to offer the knowledge and expertise from a leading independent accountancy firm in a new modern format.

How we help with Cloud and Online Accounting Solutions

Many people are confused by the myriad of options with accounting software packages in the market today. It is our aim to take away this confusion.

Through learning about you, your business, and your needs we’re able to configure and deliver a bespoke solution that will improve your efficiencies, information availability and data security.

We offer a full evaluation of your systems as well as complete setup and training. What is more, if you’re a client of NRB this service is often offered at no extra cost whilst the software costs from as little as £12 per month + VAT.

We have over 35 of our team trained on the latest cloud and online accounting packages to be able to advise you on the right solution or assist with any queries.

What is Cloud Accounting?
Cloud or online accounting packages are accounting software packages that are hosted on the internet.

This means you can have access to your accounts from any where on any device with an internet connection.

Data is secured on servers with bank level security so you are safe in the knowledge your data remains secure. 

Artificial Intelligence for efficiency

Many of our solutions take advantage of artificial intelligence to speed up your efficiencies.

For example, bank transactions are automatically downloaded from the bank servers and do not need entering on to the system, or invoices from suppliers are automatically read and posted to your ledger by the software.

When set up and integrated correctly, cloud and online accounting can save a great deal of data entry time.

We offer this solution at no extra cost that the monthly software price as quoted above.

Integrated applications

The power of the software can be harnessed in more ways with access to an app market place of over 1,000 applications.

Solution range from stock integrations, cash flow and profitability forecasts, through to timesheet and staff management.
The beauty of cloud and online accounting is that there is most likely a solution out there for you.


Xero is a cloud-based small and medium business accounting software with tools for managing invoicing, bank reconciliation, inventory, purchasing, expenses, bookkeeping and more.

The software is central to your accounts. Is replaces Sage or manual cashbooks and allows your business to harness the power of a plethora of additions applications. Set up and integrated in the right way, Xero will add power and efficiency to your accounting function.

It’s modern, business accounting software that lives in the cloud.


Dext reads and extracts data from your receipts, invoices, bank statements and other financial paperwork quickly and easily.

Instantly capture a receipt by taking a photo with the app, or forward items to your unique Dext email-in address. The app will extract key information from the submitted document and import into your accounting software.


Fluidly shows you what is coming up in the future by providing automated cashflow forecasts in minutes.

It then helps you understand so what and now what including the key actions you can take to improve your business finances. These actions can be from chasing late payers, to providing you with the right funding solution, Fluidly provides complete cashflow confidence.

Whether you want to hire a team member, open an extra office, invest in new equipment or simply pay an upcoming bill it’s important to know you have the cash to afford it. Having a clear picture of the financial future is essential – whether that’s an accurate cashflow forecast or an understanding of the funding options available to you.

Without this knowledge, it’s hard to take the decisions that count.

Xavier Analytics

Xavier is a toolkit of intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping and compliance tools designed for Xero Professionals.

Its tools will save your team time and reduce errors on a daily basis by identifying mis-codings, tracking key liabilities and quickly spotting unwanted changes to historical data.

Syft Analytics

Syft Analytics enables us to create beautiful financial reports and insights for your business.

It includes powerful features such as automated commentary, branded PDF reports, consolidations, AI-powered insights engine, forecasting, budgeting and benchmarking vs. industry peers

The above are just a selection of the applications we work with here at NRB. To find out more about harnessing the power of cloud accounting speak to our dedicated team today.

NR Barton Xero demonstration

Our short guide will take you through an overview of Xero, how to use the software, and give you a feel for the benefits. We are Platinum Xero Partners meaning we’re able to offer market leading service with cloud and online accounting.

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